Whether you are visiting Wiles Studios in Northampton for a complete hair colour transformation or for your regular colour touch-up, we guarantee a relaxing, inspirational hairdressing experience with extraordinary results.  

Each experience is tailor-made to suit the individual. Your in-depth consultation and analysis will ensure that your hair colour is personalised to complement your skin tone, enhance your features and work with your personality and lifestyle.  We will also take the time to educate you on how to care for your hair at home to preserve the colour and maintain the condition.

We work with Matrix Professional products to ensure the finest, healthiest colour experience. The expert colourists at Wiles Studios have been trained by Matrix Professional to the very highest level.

It goes without saying that we can create all the classic colours from blondes to brunettes, as well as bold fashion hair shades, and the latest balayage and ombre looks. We love taking traditional colour techniques and injecting our own modern twist.

Please note: You will need to book either a cleanse cut & finish or a cleanse & blow dry with your stylist when you have your hair coloured. Alternatively, book an express blow out with one of our trainee stylists for £10.

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Deciding upon the perfect hair colour can be challenging without expert help.

Whether you are dreaming of a full head of rich chocolate, vibrant red or subtle copper hair colours, we will help you find a hair colour that will look great with your skin tone and sense of style!

We work with permanent and semi-permanent colours to achieve superb results.  We will also always make sure your hair remains healthy and glossy after your hair colour. 

Matrix Bond Ultimat8 can be added to the colour formula to protect and strengthen your hair throughout the colour process.

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Everyone's hair grows at different speeds but most people will require a root touch up every four to six weeks to ensure we can keep your hair regrowth at bay.

Our colour professionals will expertly touch-up your roots and refresh your hair colour, ensuring your roots blend beautifully with your overall look.  

If you have opted for a lower maintenance hair colour such as balayage or ombre, then you can wait longer between root touch-up appointments - although many clients love to come in for a colour gloss in-between visits to give their hair colour some extra vibrancy. 

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Highlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to your hairstyle, using different tones to create a multi-dimensional look.

Your hair colour will be expertly applied using foils to create a multi-faceted colour which can be bold, natural, chunky or fine, depending on your desires.  

As the name implies, babylights are super-fine strands of colour that run throughout the hair to achieve much finer highlights.

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Icy white-bleached blonde hair is an eye-catching look that has been popular ever since Marilyn Monroe hit our screens! 

To transform your hair to platinum blonde, your first step is to book a colour consultation so we can assess your hair, discuss the process, provide you with a quote, and do a skin and strand test. If your hair is dark, bear in mind that you may need more than one appointment to achieve the blonde colour you desire.

Our aim is to create a crisp and vibrant blonde shade and to ensure your hair remains healthy throughout the process.  Afterwards, we will also explain which professional products you will need to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

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Ombré comes from the French word which means ‘to shade’.  The process is a gradual transformation from darker roots to lighter ends and can be subtle or bold, depending on your requirements.

Forget the obvious edgy line that you used to get when you had dip-dyed hair and think of ombré as a more subtle option that leaves your hair looking more sun-kissed - as though your summer ends have just grown out.

Ombré is also an effective way of adding the illusion of volume to finer hair.  If you are struggling with fine hair, please talk to your Wiles Studios stylist for advice.

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Balayage is the most talked-about hair colour in recent years as it is both on-trend and relative low maintenace. The balayage technique will help to enhance your facial features and your hairstyle.  

Meaning 'to sweep', balayage is a freehand technique used to create light and shade throughout the hair.  The transition from the base colour to the ends is seamless and fluid to give the appearance of natural, subtle, sun-kissed locks.

You may also have heard of ombré, root stretch, foilayage, reverse balayage, strobing, melting, and smudging - all variations on the balayage theme.  

Introducing Our New Refill Station

Single-use shampoos and conditioners are becoming a thing of the past as we all work together to do our part to help protect our planet.

At Wiles Studios, we are delighted to introduce our new Refill Station.  We invite you to have an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced stylists who can recommend the most appropriate Authentic Beauty Concept Shampoo & Conditioner for your hair type and needs. 

We will then put your chosen hair care products into 250ml retail bottles made from 90% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. The bottles also come with Forest Film labels (the first certified wood-based film label material on the market).

Once you have finished with the product, you can bring the bottle back to the salon to be refilled again and again!