Specialist Colour Services

Specialist Colour Services

Hair Strobing

Focus attention on your best assets and minimise your less favourites with the clever placement and contrast of colour – Hair Strobing works in a similar way to makeup contouring. After an in-depth consultation with a Colour Master, we will create a bespoke colour pallet and place different shades of colour to areas of the hair that light would normally hit in order to highlight and conceal specific features.

Colour Melting

Colour Melting is an advanced variation of ombre hair colour and is for those who are looking for a more diffused, softer colour fusion. Colour Melting will blend highlights with the base colour and uses many shades to achieve the end melt. We tailor-make each colour melt to suit.

Bleach & Tone

Icy, creamy platinum blondes are a particular specialism at Wiles Studios.  We carefully assess your hair type and decide upon the most suitable and least damaging process to achieve the most beautiful result. We work with Matrix Bond Ultimat8 system to protect bonds and keep hair your strong throughout the colour process. Our expert colourists will offer you advice and guidance on how to maintain the blonde tone that you desire to keep your blonde fresh and healthy in between salon visits.