Post-Holiday Hair Advice For Brunettes


Top Tips for Brunettes from Christian Wiles Hairdressing Salon in Northampton

As the hottest British Summer since 1976 is suddenly becoming a distant memory and the tell-tale signs of excess sun, salt-water and over-indulgence are evident on your hair, we recommend that you give your brown tresses a post-holiday overhaul Wiles-Style! 

The beauty of brown hair is that it is incredibly versatile and it lends itself to regular revamps that can completely transform your look!

The award-winning team at Christian Wiles Hairdressing salon in Northampton love a challenge and are here to inspire you with beautiful hues that we can personalise to prolong your summer-glow and enhance the vitality and condition of your locks. 

Luscious, glossy brunettes can be breathtakingly beautiful, they scream ‘I have healthy-hair’ and can help you transition seamlessly into the season ahead.

How to revitalise your dark hair after your holidays

No sooner than your plane has landed on the runway and before your summer-glow begins to fade, you should be booking yourself into your favourite Northampton salon and following these simple steps:


1/. Emergency Hair Treatment

Instantly hydrate your tresses and restore any damage with a prescribed in-salon hair treatment. We will tailor powerful Matrix treatments to suit your hair type and reverse damage caused by sea & sun. The benefit of in-salon treatments is both their intensity (yes you will immediately see a difference) and our professional knowledge in selecting the very best combination of ingredients for your hair’s specific needs. We consider the shades of brown, texture and condition of your hair whilst deciding how to restore vitality. We love Matrix Biolage RAW Recover Clay Mask that works as a real treat to the hair: with honeycomb and kaolin clay this intense treatment deeply conditions stressed, sensitised hair to rebuild strength.


2/. Time To Trim

Don’t panic, you’re certainly not our only client who admits to neglecting hair-duties whilst on holiday. Whether split ends have been caused by damage from the sun or they are indeed the result of excessively detangling wet hair on the beach or poolside, the most important thing is to remove them as quickly as possible. Book in for a trim and banish them before they split further and cause additional frizz and extra damage to the hair shaft.

3/. Boost Your Hues

Sunshine = Fade. Even with the best intentions and commitment, your beautiful brown hues can be expected to fade when in direct sunlight. Our colour-boosting services will instantly inject richness and tone into your hair and help prolong your pre-holiday colour until you’re ready for your new pre-season colour. We recommend that you invest in a professional Shampoo & Colour treatment that will maintain the colour depth, tone and shine. Matrix Biolage Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect option and will give hair salon-vibrant colour for up to 9 weeks.

Matrix So Long Damage

4/. Be Inspired

During your visit to our salon, take the time to discuss your transitional hair colour appointment. As the seasons change, we must select different tones of chocolates, coffees, cinnamons and toffees that will add dimension, compliment your wardrobe and boost your paler skin tone.

Matrix Break Fix

5/. Commit To TLC

When you leave us after your post-holiday hair appointment, make no mistake that to maintain your glossier, silkier, healthier hair, you need to treat it to weekly masks, limit using hot styling tools and avoid parabens and sulphates. Matrix So Long Damage Break Fix Leave-In Elixir is a must-have treatment which is a fiber reconstructer to help repair damage for strong hair with less breakage. It instantly resurfaces brittle, long strands as it recharges healthy shine. Team it up with So Long Damage Break Shampoo and Conditioner for maximum impact.

How To Transition Your Brown Hair From Summer To Autumn

Fashionista or not, it’s a deeply frustrating time - summer is winding down and Autumn is on its way and your complexion and wardrobe are trying to cope with that ‘somewhere-in-between’. Make no mistake that your hair tones will have an impact on your overall style.

Being mindful of the above when selecting your transitional colour is a must. Here are our favourite shades of brunette that are perfect for this time of year:-

Currently Dark Brown: Low-lights will give shine, tone and depth to subtly enhance dark hair. We can explore deep, rich espressos and coffee tones that will create a glossy finish and enhance your hair’s natural depth.

Currently Medium Brown: Consider introducing amber and chestnut shades to achieve a warmer look that will seamlessly take you through the seasons. We love super-subtle violets teamed with cool browns for our clients who are looking to stay ahead of trends.

Currently Light Brown: Hidden ribbons of warmer tones will inject energy into a cool brunette. We must always avoid a flat, ‘washed-out’ brown effect by keeping the hair full of dimension and tone. To keep the end result uber-natural, we may choose to use organic placement rather than working highlights through the hair.