IKOO Brushes – The Perfect Stocking Filler!

IKOO Brush Collection Now Available at Christian Wiles Hairdressing Salon, Northampton

Beautiful hair is our passion and the team at Christian Wiles believe that in order to maintain the integrity of your hair and scalp and keep it in optimum condition in between salon visits, it’s vital that you use professional styling tools. Ikoo Brushes are pretty awesome and fit The Christian Wiles philosophy that a great hair brush is a must! Not only will your hair brush help you to achieve outstanding styling results, a good hairbrush will also help keep your hair healthy!

Which Ikoo Brush Is Right For You?

There is a classic detangler, a cute pocket sized IKOO, an on-trend metallic Rose or the IKOO Paddle Brush to choose from! Call into the salon in Northampton if you would like professional advice on the best home hair care routine for your individual hair type…

Ikoo Classic Brush Collection

Using innovative bristle design, the IKOO brushes offer easy and pain-free removal of tangles. IKOO brushes are a must-have addition to your daily haircare routine and offer stimulating benefits to the scalp. According to the TCM, traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating the energy meridians on the scalp by brushing hair daily with IKOO will contribute to improved health and well-being.

Ikoo Paddle Brush

The CW styling team are huge fans of the iconic paddle brush and recommend that all clients, whatever their hair length, use a paddle brush to style with! The innovative combination of hair detangling, head massage and the x-shaped ventilation make this Ikoo brush our favourite.

ikoo_paddlex_shop_white_210x210Why do we recommend the Ikoo Paddle Brush?

The hairbrush has been designed to release moisture during the hair drying process and reduce the damaging effects of harmful hot air. The famous Ikoo brush also has massaging benefits which bring a natural shine and leave hair looking silky with a polished sheen!

Can I create volume with the Ikoo Paddle Brush?

If you love a bit of volume this hair brush is a must! There is an enlarged bristle panel with a large round silhouette that ensures that you can easily achieve optimum volume into your hair. #ikoo #ikoobrushes