How To Care For Your New Colour

Colour Care matrix christian wiles northampton


It’s important to wait at least 48 hours after a colour service before you shampoo.  Ideally, even longer to allow your new colour plenty of time to settle!


To ensure that your beautiful new colour lasts longer and to help maintain the condition of your hair, it’s essential that you carefully select a professional shampoo and conditioner that have been designed specifically to care for colour-treated hair.  We use MATRIX hair colour and our team of colour specialists have been expertly trained to give you personalised colour advice. They will help you find a tailored solution to longer lasting colour by selecting a Shampoo & Conditioner from one of our MATRIX colour care ranges that is specific to your hair type.


To prevent water from washing away your new colour, the answer is simple, wash your hair less often.  To help retain those natural oils
that help condition your colour treated hair, we recommend that you shampoo only two or three times per week.  Avoid shampooing daily as this would affect the longevity of your colour and the condition of your hair.


To maintain your new colour as long as possible, be smart in the shower and stick to lukewarm or cooler water temperatures.  Super-hot water opens the surface of the hair strand, which causes the dye molecules to escape – this effectively strips the colour from your hair.


Colour treated hair is more susceptible to damage, so avoid using blow dryers, curling tongs or straightening irons as much as possible. Whenever you can, let your colour-treated hair dry naturally.  If you are going to use heat, after using your colour-protecting shampoo & conditioner, apply a heat-protecting styling product.  If you must blow dry your coloured hair, keep it on the lowest heat setting.


The standard time in between salon visits is 4-6 weeks since your hair grows on average ½” a month.  If you are covering up grey or you visit for a bleach regrowth application, then you will need to visit the salon more regularly.  For these services, we would advise that you visit us every four weeks as it’s important to discourage any banding and promote a beautiful, even colour.