Find Your Perfect Blonde

Balayage & Ombre at Wiles Studios in Northampton

Find Your Perfect Shade Of Blonde This Summer at Wiles Studios Hairdressing Salon in Northampton 

Whether you're considering platinum, rose-gold or honey blonde, there is one thing for sure: you have to be committed! At Wiles Studios, we believe in beautiful hair that has been bespokely created to suit each individual complexion: our colour experts have been trained to the very highest level to ensure that they can offer our guests the ultimate advice on finding the perfect hues that compliment your skin tone and suit your lifestyle!

Longing for platinum?

Go global with platinum to make an awesome summer statement.  Team your all-over platinum locks with a cute pixie crop or if you're a long-haired lover, why not opt for soft, bohemian braids and waves to take your new hues to another level?  Platinum hair is one of our most requested shades and we're experts in achieving that perfect tone, however, we warn you from the beginning: A perfect platinum requires serious commitment to revisit us regularly and to invest in professional products that maintain your ideal tone and enhance the condition.

Craving honey?

Honey hues are the ones to choose when you want to achieve that beautiful, 'I've-just-returned-from- holiday' natural, sun-kissed glow!  Honey tones will add warmth to fair skin, and instantly brighten up your complexion. Whether you're hoping for beautiful balayage, soft, subtle babylights or a head full of highlights, expect to shimmer.

Dreaming of rose-gold?

Rose Gold is a colour that is flattering on many different skin tones, we can make it super subtle or in-your-face.  Taken over platinum it's incredible and with a multi-dimensional Christian Wiles twist you can be sure for those 'stop-and-stare' moments from passers-by.  Whether we go for smoky or metallic or even barely-there hues, Rose-Gold is a game-changer in the style stakes. Our advice? Listen to your your tone wisely and ALWAYS care for your colour kindly when you're away from the salon.

We're hugely committed to making sure that your hair is the most beautiful version it can be and this involves educating each and every guest on how switching to their desired colour will affect the overall health of their hair.  

We don't need to tell you that bleaching and lightening can seriously take a toll on hair if it isn't done professionally or in some instances on a journey that may see you revisit the salon on more than one occasion.  When you visit us at the salon we will guide you through the hair rules to follow to keep your hair healthy and summer-worthy right through to your next visit.

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Treat Your Hair Kindly

Invest in a good conditioning treatment to strengthen and hydrate hair.  This should be applied at least once a week and will repair any damage that has been caused during the lifting process and prevents future breakage and frizz. Matrix Raw Color Care Heat Styling Primer is a thermal protector that is packed full of ingredients including coconut milk and meadowfoam to eliminate the damage when using hot styling instruments of upto 230°.

Best hairdressers in Northamptonshire - Wiles Studios

Keep It Fresh

To keep your shade of blonde looking fresh, your colour expert will educate you on the very best professional shampoo that will be tailored to your new hues.  Blonde hair can go brassy, dull and a desperate shade of yellow if it is not cared for in the correct way so our advice is to seriously consider investing in a tailored blonde shampoo and conditioner before you commit to being a bottle blonde.  Matrix has a variety of cleansing and conditioning products that cater for all shades of blonde! We love Matrix R.A.W Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish and protect whilst maintaining the depth, tone and shine of your colour-treated hair.

Go Glossy

Glossy hair always rules!  The best blondes are healthy-looking blondes and keeping your hair super glossy is a must. There are a multitude of ways to encourage shine:  

  • Stick to a hair-superfood diet that includes eggs, salmon, blueberries and walnuts
  • Invest in an oil that will work to seal your cuticles and keep your hair smooth and frizz free.  Our favourite is Matrix Raw Smoothing Styling Milk that has been formulated with honey, oat and other key ingredients to enhance your hair with nourishing moisture for a polished, smooth look
  • Cold water blast after washing is a must
  • Invest in a hairbrush with natural bristles rather than using nylon bristles that encourage breakage.  Natural bristles magically distribute the oils in your hair