Join the ABC Refillution


If you never leave the house without your favourite reusable coffee cup and tote bag, congratulations -  you’re already part of the refillution! We believe that while recycling is great, reusing and refilling is even better. Recycling begins at the end; with the ‘getting rid’ part of a product’s life cycle. Refilling closes the loop, contributing to a circular economy and allowing us to play our part in the eradication of single-use plastics. 

As sustainability keeps evolving, so do we. We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, that’s why we are excited to announce that we have launched the Authentic Beauty Concept refill bar with the intention to make refilling an everyday option, for everyone. The purpose of our refill bar is to encourage the reduce, reuse, recycle model, to foster mindful consumption and to promote a more sustainable approach to haircare. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to feel they are doing their bit and making a positive contribution to the planet. 

If you commit to the REFILLUTION we will include a FREE reusable coffee cup (pictured) with every shampoo & conditioner refill … Exclusively in salon while stocks last!