Mullets and Mohawks

Mullets and Mohawks – A homage to the 80’s Autumn Winter Shows

The return of the Mullet, acceptable in the 80’s … will it be accepted now? Jean Paul Gaultier thought so as he sent his models down the catwalk during Paris fashion week supporting the Mullet hairstyle but this time it has a more punky edge. Would this be something that filters onto the high street? Well that just depends on how extreme you want to go! I think its safe to say that when on the head of Cara Delevingne anything looks good! I don’t think this homage to the 80’s hairstyle will have us rushing to the hairdressers to have all our locks cut off.

The Multi tonal Mohawk

19562145_sThink you’ve seen it all until the Fendi show hit the runway with an array of Multi coloured Mohawks. For those of you who like to experiment more with colour the Italian label showered the stage with a collection of Fur & Leather at Milan Fashion week with post punk apocalyptic dip-dyed Mohawks that mirrored the clothing collection creating this outlandish look. You either love it or hope its left on the runway, either way this is one of the most memorable hairstyles at Milan Fashion Week.